Studio Stash Grab Bag - Large

$ 24.95

Operation Clean My Studio finally could wait no longer!  It took many hours to take it all out and sort through it all.  I have been "keeping" more than I can use or should I say "hoarding" more than I can use and now I am bringing some of it to you!

Each Studio Stash Grab Bag is hand picked to offer a variety of papers of all kinds along with smaller "bits" and pieces.  I promise that you will not be disappointed - this is good stuff!  I was very selective in what I put in these kits.   I even had a hard time packing some of it.  I kept saying, "oh, I love this and love that!"  Alas, I have to let some of it go.  I kept enough for me and the rest went into these bags. 

The Large Bags are filled with approximately 1/2 pound of goodness!

Each grab bag is unique and features different items.  There may be some crossover with items like handmade papers, etc. but most items are different from kit to kit.  I am sorry but I am not able to photograph each kit's contents.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions.



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