Snap & Share Workshop

$ 30.00

From Phone or Camera to Project - this video-based class gets those lovely photos off your camera roll and onto FOUR artsy mixed media photo projects perfect for display or gifting.  I will share with you the process I use to prepare my photos to send off to my local printer or print at home and/or my favorite online sources.

Step-by-step video tutorials take you through the process of creating these four artful projects. Follow along in my style or in your own - your choice. These projects are especially designed for any skill level.

Beginners will be comfortable while advanced students can take off and make these as detailed as they desire. This class is for everyone, yes, YOU! 

Q: Will you show me how to use my camera, give me recommendations for the perfect camera or teach HOW to take photos?

A: No, this workshop does not cover a review of cameras or how to shoot your photos. 

This workshop is about getting those photos off of your camera or cell phone and into a format that can be used to create artsy projects.  I show you how "I" do it and then we create the projects using the photos.  Lots of techniques thrown in and ideas that can be used with or without photos.

Q: Will you show me how to use photo editing software other than Photoshop?

A: No, I am going to show how I prepare my photos for printing using Photoshop on a Mac.  Once you see the basics, they can be adapted to any photo editing software.  I am sorry I can't offer assistance with other software or computers.


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What Students are Saying

"What a great workshop AGAIN ! Very organized site, straight to the point, excellent video's and very motivating." -Sophie D.

“I am loving your new class…All your workshops are so very well done. As a career teacher, I know an outstanding teacher when I see one. Thank you for sharing your talents in such a professional, non-threatening style. I really adore how you do your backgrounds.” -Jane B.

"I love everything about these videos.  I like how detailed you are in your teaching. I'm learning so much. Thank you for taking the time to make these for us." -W. Bracken

“I just watched some of the videos from this class and can not tell you how wonderful you have done this class. The way you did the supply list is brilliant and thank you for taking the time to click on the supply and go to where you can find the supply these things mean a lot. I can’t say thank you enough for the time the way you teach, and all the great information.  You have done such a great job on this.” -Linda C.



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