Printmaker Pro: Press, Stitch & Stash Workshop

$ 55.00

Printmaker Pro:  Press, Stitch & Stash! - Grab your Gelli plate and join Roben-Marie for a class of instruction, inspiration and playful experimentation. Prepare to get messy as you become a Printmaker Pro.

Beginning with tips and techniques, we will PRESS our way to an amazing collection of layered backgrounds. We will STITCH two interactive minis and a portfolio where you can STASH your treasures!

Spend some time with Roben-Marie and learn to PRINT like a PRO!

This workshop features 14 videos and 4.5 hours of instruction.


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What Students are Saying

"There are so many great ideas in your class to push my Gelli® prints further, and get me using colors I don't normally use. I am having so much fun experimenting. I also love that I have a portfolio to stash all the goodies. Love it, thanks for the class." - Colleen

"Thank you for making this class --- I had my Gelli® plate for so long and just about gave up on it all.  I'm so excited and I can't stop!!!" -Cora

"Thanks for hosting very professionally, your energy is contagious and well needed." -Ingrid

"The videos are just the right amount of instruction and demonstration. I love how you start with what I need to do, and then show all kinds of possibilities." -Sharon

"I have taken many of your classes and have loved them but this one is fantastic. Love all the pockets, to put my colorful papers in. All three projects are great to use as gifts for artists, teachers and or friends, so useful and fun. Thank you so much. You're the best." -Peggy

"Oh my goodness. The folio, double booklet and flip book are so fabulous!! This is an amazing class." -Andrea

"Thank you so much for sharing everything so generously:)! You've rewired my entire perception of Gelli® prints and printing for better for eternity." -Shruti

"Thank you for a fabulous workshop!!!! I think this is my favorite so far. You are such a great inspiration!" -Jodi

"This workshop goes way beyond the basics of Gelli® printing and highlights how to create those gorgeous layers Roben-Marie style! I learned countless new techniques and created many beautiful papers which I will be able to add to my stash. The projects were so creative and fun and now I have a new place to store my prints. Roben-Marie's teaching style is so detailed and her approach so encouraging that you feel as if you are working alongside her. I would definitely recommend this creative class to students of all levels.  This is a workshop which I will refer back to again and again for years to come." -Susan





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