Mixed Media Mayhem Workshop

$ 50.00

Interested in learning how I create my inky file folder backgrounds; the ones I use in my mail art and art journaling?  Mixed Media Mayhem will appeal to seasoned mixed media artists and beginners.  Watch every step and hear my thoughts and creative process for each stage which is very encouraging for beginners; no mistakes and everything is fixable. And it doesn't end there!  Once we create all that inky goodness, we will create several projects including mail art and a fabulous art journal.  The same techniques will be applied to canvas to create a gorgeous journal cover in which to house our painted file folders!

What Students are Saying...

"Wanted   you to know............I enrolled in four other workshops within days of enrolling in yours and I have completed three of the four.  I  enrolled in two other workshops prior to yours within the past month.   I   wanted to tell you that yours had much more content, I have learned  more technique and completed more projects.  I have mixed feelings.  I'm   looking forward to completing your workshop, however, that means it  will be over.  Yours was definitely the best investment!  Thank you!" -Terry B.

"This   class is a kick! I've watched all the videos once and I love the way  you take us through each step; even your mistakes. I've just started to paint and feel totally competent to complete these projects with  fabulous results! Thanks!" -Debra D.

"I love the freedom in which you work. I love the way you are not worried to make a mark you do not like, you just use more gesso and will play with the images later. This   is just great to see. I hope I will achieve this more. Thank you!" -Laura  L.

"I  have absolutely no doubt that I can now go into the craft room and make  an awesome journal. Your instructions were clear and concise and never  once did I wonder what you were trying to say.  I think you did an  amazing job and the class rocks!  The content is inspiring and complete -   a step-by-step of the projects and your process.  I also felt I got a great peek into you, your process and what inspires and excites you and I  always value that as a bonus in a class.  You do not get that unless   there is video and the instructor is real rather than professorial.   Your blend of teacher/artist was perfect!" -Sandi K.



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