Journal Bound Workshop

$ 30.00

Showcase your gathered mail art stash within two uniquely styled and bound journals. Get those mailed treasures out of your bins and into an artful display - journal style.

Together we will travel a step by step approach to creating a colorful grungy cover in my signature messy style. Then we will bind our art-filled journals using a simple and creative system that once quickly learned can be used repeatedly to create handmade art journals from here forward.

Don’t have a mail art collection? I will demonstrate an alternative using found papers. Beginners are welcome and encouraged in this workshop as each process is fully demonstrated to accommodate all skill levels. I even include downloads of my designs for your use.

So many possibilities, so much creativity. Pack your bags, we are Journal Bound!



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What Students are Saying

"I have learned so much in your classes, and Journal Bound is no exception.  You are an excellent teacher! Your method and tone while you instruct is at a great pace and I don't feel like I have to keep stopping and rewinding because you showed something so fast that I can't understand.  You once again made me so glad I took your class!  I cannot wait until your next class! Thank you for sharing your ideas!" -Laura E.

"Wow!  This is my favorite workshop so far! Everything is clearly demonstrated and easy to follow." -Stayce W.

"I spent the day starting on Book #1 and LOVED it!  As usual, your classes are fun and instructive and give me a chance to use my stash of papers!  Your videos are so well done - easy to follow, fun to watch, and very informative!  This is one of my all-time favorite workshops - so much to learn, great book design, wonderful way to use mail art, etc.  I can't say enough about what a great job you have done with this class.  Lovin' it…… and learning so much!!  I am so grateful that you are teaching!!  I appreciate how thorough you are with your demos and explanations." -Fran R.

"As always another wonderful class at a great value!" -Rochelle

"You do a great job showing and suggesting lots of ideas for pages!" -Sandi K.

"I've loved watching so far...your teaching style is so fluid and easy! I love how by using your techniques, my own style cool!" -Joy D.


Thanks to the following amazing ladies for the beautiful mail art that I have received and saved for such a time as this!!!  Sandi Keene, Sophie DeCorte, Samantha Kira Harding, Lynn Scott, Renee Plains, Susan Gallitto, Rae Missigman, Kristin Peterson, Jane Bain, Coral Lee and Leike Michelow.

NOTE: The mail art pieces used in this class are not created in the class. They are part of my stash and used along with other bits and pieces.



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