Baby Got Back-to-Back Workshop

$ 30.00

Together we will create a playful art journal project using my step-by step method layering paint, ink, stencils, doodles, stamps and more. THEN we will turn that layered yummy goodness into a stitched and bound dos-à-dos (back to back) style mini album perfect for yourself or gifting. You will find yourself returning "back" to these techniques again and again in your creative play. Crank up the music and join me for Baby Got Back-to-Back!

PLEASE NOTE:  This workshop was part of the New 21 Secrets Workshop 2013.

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 What Students are Saying...

"I appreciate the work you put into the instructional videos,  Roben-Marie...they're so helpful, really thorough and  clear. Fun workshop--thank you!!!" ~Cat



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